Waste Management

Operational requirements of each Port have identified waste to be categorised into two categories, these are; non-hazardous waste and hazardous waste and are managed as stated below:

Non Hazardous waste: (general & recyclable waste) Placed into the appropriate colour coded waste bin (green for recyclables and brown for general waste). Waste accumulated will be collected and removed on a scheduled basis to the correct municipality site by Ras Al Khaimah Public Works Waste Management vehicles.

Hazardous waste generated from vessels will be handled & removed from the port by an approved contractor and requested prior to arrival.

Vessels calling at the Ports intending to discharge waste should do so in accordance with IMO & MARPOL regulations as such the following should be addressed:

Marine Waste: Vessels intending to discharge waste during their visit are to notify the Port prior to arrival, where separated waste bins shall be provided.

  • Declaration of Discharge of Waste form (Download)
  • Waste Managment Plan (Download)