RAK Ports provides a wide range of high quality marine services including pilotage, harbour towage, vessel mooring, vessel traffic control, hydrographic surveying, emergency response, aids-to-navigation (A to N) and lay-up at anchorage for vessels. These services are supported by a team of trained and experienced pilots, tug crew, technicians, surveyors, and a dedicated team of staff led by The Harbour Master.

Click on the links below for Notices to Mariners: 

Notice to Mariners No.1 of 2019 - Compulsory Seafarers insurance requirements

Notice to Mariners No.26 of 2018 - Removal of Cardinal Buoys at Saqr Port

Notice to Mariners No.25 of 2018 - Removal of Saqr Port Project Exclusion Zone

Notice to Mariners No.24 of 2018 - Positioning of New Navigational Aids at Saqr Port deep-water bulk terminal

Notice to Mariners No.21 of 2018 - Dredging Works at Ras Al Khaimah Port

Notice to Mariners No.20 of 2018 - FTA Circular 12/2018 - Compulsory Classification of some Foreign Flagged Ships by an Approved Classification Society

Notice to Mariners No.18 of 2018 - Amendment to New Rak Ports Anchorage Locations

Notice to Mariners No.17 of 2018 - Mandatory Installation and Operation of Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Notice to Mariners No.13 of 2018 - Anchorage Request Form

Notice to Mariners No.12 of 2018 - Restriction to Anchor in the UAE Territorial Waters

Notice to Mariners No.10 of 2018 - New RAK Ports Anchorage Locations & Saqr Port Limits Effective 1st June 2018

Notice to Mariners No.08 of 2018 - Requirement of Towage Approval Certificate

Notice to Mariners No.07 of 2018 - Pilot Embarkation and Disembarkation

Notice to Mariners No.02 of 2018 - Oil and Products Cargoes Operations Conditions

Notice to Mariners No.23 of 2017 - Pilot Transfer Arrangement

Notice to Mariners No.22 of 2017 - Prevention of Oil Pollution

Notice to Mariners No.19 of 2017 - Towage Approval Certificate

Notice to Mariners No.15 of 2017 - Reclamation Works - 2017

Notice to Mariners No.14 of 2017 - Unusual Berthing or Mediterranean Mooring

Notice to Mariners No.10 of 2017 - Restriction on Entry of Vessels Flying Qatar Flag

Notice to Mariners No.05 of 2017 - Saqr Port Berth Extension Project

Notice to Mariners No.02 of 2016 - Throwing of Waste, Garbage and Substances into sea

Notice to Mariners No.01 of 2015 - Discharging of Ropes / Debris into the Sea

Click on the links below for Marine Information:

RAK Ports Emergency Contact Directory

Chart Requirement: BA Chart 3174 and 3404

Marine Guidelines

Ruling Depth & Under Keel Clearances

General Port Marine Information

Pilotage Service

Towage Guidelines

Towage Procedure