Notice to Mariners / No.15 – 8th of August 2017

Notice to Mariners / No.15 – 8th of August 2017

Subject: Reclamation Works - 2017 

Ref: Chart 3174, 3404 and attached Chartlet 

Please be notified, as a part of the ongoing reclamation works behind RMC break water, a new rock bund is under construction as shown in the chartlet (CLICK HERE FOR CHARTLET). In order to identify the presence of new rock bund and reclamation works in the area, 2 numbers of temporary marker buoys will be positioned in below mentioned co-ordinates until completion of works:


 Buoy Name 





Buoy No.1 


Flash Yellow 

25O 57.951’N 

056O 02.770’E 

Buoy No.2 


Flash Yellow 

25O 57.726’N 

056O 02.698’E 


Therefore, mariners are advised to keep well clear of the area and exercise caution while passing in the vicinity. 

Capt. Michael Magee 

Harbour Master 

RAK Ports 

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