Notice to Mariners / No.24 – 14th of December 2017

Notice to Mariners / No.24 – 14th of December 2017

Subject: Seismic Survey at Ras Al Khaimah Offshore
Ref : Chart 3174

Mariners are advised that a Seismic Survey will be conducted by RAK Gas using survey vessel
Polarcus Alima in the offshore waters of Ras Al Khaimah (within UAE waters), for a period of 70
days commencing from 10th December 2017. Survey will be conducted on 24 hour basis and will
not stop after commencing.
Survey vessel will be towing sensing devices streamed up to 3.25 NM astern and will be
submerged below the water surface to a depth of 8 to 10 metres. A yellow float with white light
(flashing U) and radar reflector is attached to the end of the cable to mark the extent of the
Survey vessel Polarcus Alima is assisted by following vessels:

  • Maria G (IMO 9480875)           - Supply Vessel
  • Zakher Fugro (IMO 9200873)  - Guard Vessel
  • Miclyn Orion (IMO 9448463)    - Guard Vessel

The survey will be conducted within the following co-ordinates (diagram attached):

Sl.No Latitude Longitude Sl.No Latitude Longitude
1 26°15’03.332”N 055°44’11.993”E 8 26°02’26.476”N 055°19’44.175”E
2 26°04’29.435”N 056°02’37.978”E 9 26°04’03.307”N 055°25’35.678”E
3 26°03’30.598”N 056°04’20.151”E 10 26°06’47.497”N 055°31’11.942”E
4 25°59’41.079”N 056°02’24.620”E 11 26°07’54.149”N 055°34’11.910”E
5 25°55’13.973”N 055°56’37.951”E 12 26°10’56.747”N 055°38’04.442”E
6 25°50’17.581”N 055°50’13.844”E 13 26°13’08.278”N 055°41’02.112”E
7 25°43’39.707”N 055°42’00.579”E 14 26°14’45.618”N 055°43’35.497”E

The survey vessel MV Polarcus Alima will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre and will make
regular broadcasts. The details of survey will broadcast on VHF Channel-16 to all mariners.
During the period of survey, vessels anchored within the SPA anchorage Zone-III & IV may
require to shift their anchor position and they will be advised by Saqr Port Control as necessary.
All mariners are advised to give a wide berth to survey vessel and exercise caution while
operating in above-mentioned co-ordinates.

Capt. Michael Magee
Harbour Master, RAK Ports
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