Notice to Mariners / No.01 – 11th of January 2018

Notice to Mariners / No.01 – 11th of January 2018

Subject: Seismic Survey at Ras Al Khaimah Offshore 

Ref : Chart 3174,3404, NtM No. 24/2017 and Survey flyers.

Mariners are advised that the subject seismic survey is in progress in the offshore waters of Ras Al Khaimah. Further, survey is progressing towards port limits of Saqr Port and same planned in two phases. 

Phase Area Duration
Phase 1 Azimuth to south west of SPA breakwater 12 – 18 days
Phase 2 Azimuth west of SPA breakwater covering anchorage zones and near   Saqr Port approaches 8 – 12 days (completion of        Phase-1)

Phase 1 scheduled w.e.f 13 Jan 2018. During this period, all vessels / combinations anchored within SPA anchorage Zone-III & IV will be required to shift their anchor position further offshore to a temporary designated anchorage in order to allow the survey vessel to undertake the survey unimpeded. This anchorage is bound by the following coordinates (see attached chartlet):

       a. Lat 26o 02.642’N Long 055o 57.474’E
       b. Lat 26o 04.384’N Long 055o 53.522’E
       c. Lat 26o 06.972’N Long 055o 56.247’E
       d. Lat 26o 05.723’N Long 055o 59.080’E

Vessels/combinations may require to shift positions and steam for longer periods than anticipated. Therefore, Master/Owners of vessel / combinations are to ensure following prior calling Saqr Port / RMC/Stevin Rock Harbour:

  • Ensure sufficient fuel stock available onboard.
  • Vessel engines and other machineries are working in good order.
  • Anchor chain, Bridle, windlass and winches are in good order.

In addition, access to the relevant pilot stations’ will be affected as the survey vessel passes the port approaches. Masters are advised to keep clear to the distances stipulated in the attached flyers and be advised by the SPA and RMC Control Towers. 

All mariners must exercise extreme caution while operating within and close to the Saqr Port Limits until completion of survey:

       1. Vessels keep well clear of seismic survey area.
       2. Vessels/crafts proceed with minimum speed and navigate with caution.
       3. Maintain constant listening watch on VHF Channel 16 /14.
       4. All movements within the Port limit should be co-ordinated with Saqr Port / RAK Maritime City Port Control.

Notices will be issued for further updates

Capt. Michael Magee
Harbour Master,
RAK Ports
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