Exercise Taurus

Exercise Taurus

A major fire onboard exercise conducted at RAK Maritime City

As part of ensuring optimum marine safety at RAK Ports and its environs, a joint fire exercise code-named “Taurus” was conducted at RAK Maritime City on 21.02.2018. The exercise was conducted in close collaboration with Civil Defence and Boskalis.

The exercise scenario involved a fire in the pump room of the Cutter Suction Dredger (CSD) Taurus II, which was docked at Boskalis jetty in RAK Maritime City. The exercise commenced with the Master calling to the RMC Control Tower at 0845 reporting a fire and missing crew member. Port Control initially contacted Civil Defence (using the 997 number) and Port Security. The Marine Dept implemented the Marine Emergency Response Plan and set up an Incident Response Team.

The Civil Defence, Boskalis Emergency Response Team and Master and crew of CSD Taurus II were involved in fire and rescue operations, and port tugs Kestrel and Durrah were engaged in boundary cooling.

Capt. Mike Magee, RAK Ports Harbour Master, commented that “the exercise was an opportunity for the participating organisations to test their ability to respond to a fire on board a ship berthed in port. I believe each party gained valuable experience of their own response capability, but also those of the other parties.”

He also said “RAK Ports will continue to proactively conduct joint exercise in collaboration with concerned organisations, in order to be best prepared for emergency incidents.” He expressed his sincere thanks to Civil Defense, Boskalis and the Master of the CSD Taurus for their excellent cooperation to create a credible scenario and conduct a realistic exercise.

For more information : https://www.instagram.com/p/BffEEYsBj4V/