Notice to Mariners / No.06 – 6th of March 2018

Notice to Mariners / No.06 – 6th of March 2018

SUBJECT: Diving Activity at Saqr Port Anchorage

Ref: Chart 3174

Mariners are advised that diving activity will take place at Saqr Port anchorage Zone-IV by utilising crane barge PINDOS-I as diving platform. Diving activity scheduled from 07 Mar for a duration of 10 days and vessel require an exclusion zone of 500 meter radius around the vessel.

Diving platform Pindos-I towed by T-Al Sadiq-7 will be anchored at designated area and will exhibit required lights and shapes as per COLREG (rule 30) and will hoist flag Alpha to alert vessels in the vicinity during diving operation. Details of vessels as follows : 

  • Barge Pindos I      - Diving platform
  • Tug Al Sadiq 7      - Towing tug
  • Tug Evagoras       - Escort tug
  • Crew boat Delfini I - Transport vessel 

The details of diving operations will broadcast on VHF Channel 16 to all mariners.

Therefore, all Mariners are requested to provide wide berth for above-mentioned vessel and proceed with extreme caution while operating in the vicinity.

Capt. Michael Magee
Harbour Master, RAK Ports 

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