Notice to Mariners / No.16 – 21st of June 2018

Notice to Mariners / No.16 – 21st of June 2018

Subject : Closure of RMC Channel and Dredging works near RAK Maritime City approaches    

Ref: Chart 3174, 3404, Temporary Exclusion Zone Chartlet and NtM’s 5 of 2017

Mariners are advised that, Final Phase of dredging operations in connection with the Saqr Port berth extension project is scheduled to commence on 24th June near RAK Maritime City approaches for a duration of 04 weeks. During this period, the existing project exclusion zone will be extended temporarily towards western side (drawing attached) and marker buoys will be positioned in below mentioned co-ordinates for ease of identification. 

Buoy Name Colour Light Latitude Longitude
        B#01     Yellow        Flash Yellow       25°58.939’N      56°02.777’E
        B#02     Yellow        Flash Yellow       25°58.961’N      56°02.691’E
        B#03     Yellow        Flash Yellow       25°58.966’N      56°02.410’E
        B#04     Yellow        Flash Yellow       25°58.788’N      56°02.361’E
        B#05     Yellow        Flash Yellow       25°58.510’N      56°02.545’E
        B#06     Yellow        Flash Yellow       25°58.405’N      56°02.640’E
        B#07     Yellow        Flash Yellow       25°58.342’N      56°02.767’E


On 27th June sinker pipelines in connection with the dredging operations will be submerged to seabed across RMC Channel. During the time period 08:00 – 14:00 hrs on 27th June the access channel to and from RMC/Stevin Rock will be closed. An advance notice will be given to all mariners by RMC Port Control on VHF Channel 16 & 69 and standby vessels will be positioned on either side of the pipe to ensure safety and prevent small vessels crossing the sinker pipeline.

A minimum of 9m depth (below Chart Datum) will be maintained above the sinker lines across the approach channel for the safe passage of vessels. A green marker buoy will be positioned to guide the vessels into and out the channel to avoid the pipe as the clearance reduces from 9m. This temporary buoy will be positioned Lat: 25o 58.118N Long: 056o 02.738’E and will be lit “ISO Fl Green 2-3 mile” to identify the sinker pipelines.

Sinker pipelines will be de-mobilized on completion of dredging operations and RMC channel will again be closed during de-mobilization of sinker pipelines. Advance notice will be given to all Mariners prior to this event.
All Mariners advised to be aware of above said temporary exclusion zone and sinker pipelines while entering and leaving RAK Maritime City / Stevin Rock Harbour and are requested to exercise extreme caution while transiting the area:

  1. All Vessels/Crafts proceed with minimum speed and navigate with caution.
  2. Keep well clear of above temporary exclusion zone and be aware of sinker pipelines.
  3. Maintain constant listening watch on VHF Channel 16 / 14 / 69.
  4. All movements should be co-ordinated with Mina Saqr / RAK Maritime City Port Control.

Capt. Michael Magee
Harbour Master, RAK Ports
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