Notice to Mariners / No.17 – 26th of June 2018

Notice to Mariners / No.17 – 26th of June 2018

Sub: Mandatory Installation and Operation of Automatic Identification System (AIS) 

To: All Vessel Owners, Masters, Managers, Operators and Shipping Agents  

Refer to Circular No.5 of 2018 issued by Federal Transport Authority – Land & Maritime, on the above subject, wherein it is advised that:

Reference to ministerial resolution (102) 2017, regarding mandatory installation and operational requirements of Automatic Identification System on board vessels to enhance Marine safety, protect marine environment, marine resources, effective conducting of SAR operations, and with immediate effect : 

All foreign-flagged commercial ships regardless of their size and type, and vessels less than 300GT, which are not holding a Navigational license issued by FTA are required to have on board an Automatic Identification System (AIS) installed and kept on the operational mode, while calling UAE Ports or operating in UAE territorial waters or Exclusive Economic Zone. 

Dhows have been given a temporary exemption by the FTA. RAK Ports will therefore permit their entry until such time the exemption is withdrawn, we do however encourage such vessels to fit AIS for navigational safety. 

Mariners are advised to ensure above requirements are met. Any vessel found to be not complying after 1st Aug 2018 will be denied access to RAK Ports.

Capt. Michael Magee
Harbour Master, RAK Ports
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