Notice to Mariners / No.2 – 5th of February 2019

Notice to Mariners / No.2 – 5th of February 2019

Subject: Notification of Borehole Survey

Ref: BA Chart 3174, Location of Borehole survey Please be notified that a Borehole Survey will be conducted by Jack-up vessel Gulf Giant commencing from 6 th Feb 2019 for a duration of three weeks. The survey will be conducted in below mentioned co-ordinates (drawing attached):​


The Gulf Giant will be towed to above location by a Tug boat Fugro Porter-1 and will be working 24 hours a day. During survey operations the Gulf Giant will display shapes and lights as required by International and local regulations, and maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 14 and 16. The survey team will be in regular contact with the Saqr Port Control Tower and keep them updated of their intended movements. 

Emergency Contact No.: Fugro Porter-1 - Cedric Bachachina +971 50 211 5586
The survey is weather dependent and subjected to delay.
Therefore, all Mariners are requested to give the Jack-up vessel Gulf Giant a wide berth and proceed with caution when transiting the area. 

Capt. Michael Magee
Group Harbour Master RAK Ports
Status of previously published notices:
2018: 10, 15, 18, 20, 21, 24, 25
2019: 1