Notice to Mariners / No.6 – 25th of April 2019

Notice to Mariners / No.6 – 25th of April 2019

Sub: Survey works over 18’’ Saleh Gas Pipeline

Mariners are advised that N-Sea Diving Services will be conducting an ROV survey along the full length of the Saleh subsea gas pipeline, between RAK Maritime City and the Salah field. The survey is scheduled to commence on 26th April for a duration of ten days, weather permitting. 

The ROV will be operated from Diving Support Vessel “QMS Huracan” and will require an exclusion zone of 500m radius around vessel. 

Presently QMS Huracan is positioned 3.4nm from shore and conducting under water diving on a section of the Saleh pipeline. 

During the ROV operation, Master of DSV will issue necessary alerts to near-by vessels and maintain a listening watch on VHF Channel 16.

Therefore, all Mariners are requested to provide wide berth for above-mentioned vessel and proceed with extreme caution while operating in the vicinity. 

Capt. Michael Magee
Group Harbour Master RAK Ports
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